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Emergency Mosquito Abatement Standby Charge Ordinance
Ordinance Number 1/1985 | Passed 06-20-1985

An Ordinance Adopting an Operations Code
Ordinance Number 2/2007 | Passed 05-17-2007

An Ordinance Clarifying Limits on the Manager’s Spending Authority and Restricting Employees from Obtaining Surplus District Property
Ordinance Number 3/2011 | Passed 05-19-2011

An Ordinance Amending the Operations Code to Provide for Procedures for Committee Meetings
Ordinance Number 4/2011 | Passed 05-19-2011

An Ordinance Amending the District Operations Code Re: Travel and Conference Reimbursement
Ordinance Number 5/2013 | Passed 10-17-2013

An Ordinance Adopting Rosenberg’s Rules of Order and Amending the Rules of Decorum
Ordinance Number 7/2017 | Passed 01-19-2017

An Ordinance Revising Its Purchasing and Procurement Procedures
Ordinance Number 8/2017 | Passed 01-19-2017

An Ordinance Amending the Travel and Expense Policy
Ordinance Number 9/2017 | Passed 09-17-2017

An Ordinance Amending the Operations Code to Abolish the Nominating Commitee
Ordinance Number 10/2018 | Passed 04-19-2018

An Ordinance Amending the Credit Card Limit For The District Manager and Staff
Ordinance Number 11/2020 | Passed 01-16-2020

An Ordinance Repealing Title 4 of the District Operations Code Pertaining to Purchasing, Petty Cash, Credit Card Limit and Related Matters
Ordinance Number 12/2022 | Passed 09-15-2022

An Ordinance Repealing the District's Operations Code in it's Entirety
Ordinance Number 13/2023 | Passed 04-20-2023